Points for Attention in the Use of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Points for attention are as follows:
1. Install the drain pipe and the intake pipe to make the nozzle straight into the valve, tighten the nut, avoid violent installation, and insert the nozzle into the valve.
2. Before each uses bottle-top dispenser, it is necessary to ensure that the intake and drain valves and all valves are properly installed and tightened to avoid splashing of piston movement.
3. Drainage ensures that the drainage pipe is not directly directed to the operator to ensure safety.
4. When discharging liquid, control the piston to move slowly and uniformly. Use the appropriate container to receive the liquid and let it go down the wall.
5. When discharging fluid, stop immediately and do not operate violently in order to avoid further damage to the instrument.
6. After the instrument is used, please fasten the safety cap of the drain pipe to prevent the dropping of the liquid at the outlet of the drain pipe due to gravity or water vapor in the air.
7. After using the bottle-top dispenser, please rotate the calibration adjustment ring to the “0” position to ensure safety.
8. Prohibited reagents: HF acid and bromine suspension. (For use, a special bottle mouth separator is required)