The Cleaning Methods of Sample Vials

Chromatographic analysis technology has been widely used nowadays. It is quite important to clean the chromatographic sample vials carefully. When the number of samples is enormous, a large number of chromatographic sample vials need to be cleaned during the experiments.

If the sample vials aren’t cleaned, the measurements of the following experiments will not be accurate. Therefore, the experimenters should master the cleaning methods of sample vials. And in the upcoming section, we will introduce two methods.

Method One
1. Empty the test solution in the chromatographic sample vial
2. Immerse the vial into the 95% alcohol solution and wash it with ultrasonic twice. The alcohol solution is easy to flow into the 1.5mL vial and can dissolve with organic solvents in the majority of cases.
3. Pour the clean water into the vial with ultrasonic twice.
4. Empty the wash solution in the vial, and then dry it at 110 degrees Celsius for 1-2 hours. Be careful that never dry it at high temperatures.
5. Cool the vial and preserve it.

Method Two
1. Wash the sample vial with clean water several times
2. Put it in a beaker filled with pure water. Wash it with ultrasonic for 15 minutes
3. Change the water and then wash it with ultrasonic for another 15 minutes
4. Put it in a beaker filled with anhydrous ethanol
5. Take it out of the beaker and naturally dry it