The Correct Operation And Maintenance Of The Pipettes

How important it is to conduct your own experiments with a handy pipette! However, even the most perfect instrument needs proper operation and maintenance.

When using a pipette, we should pay attention to the following points:
1. Do not turn the button out of the range; otherwise, it will jam the internal mechanical device.
2. When the liquid is absorbed, should be kept in a vertical state, and the pipette tip should be inserted 2-3 mm below the liquid level.
3. Prevent the reverse suction and corrode the piston spring.
4. After use, it is vertically hung on the holder to prevent falling.
5. It is better to clean and calibrate pipette regularly.
6. Check whether there is leakage when using.

How to clean a pipette?
Use soap water or 60% isopropyl alcohol, rewash with distilled water, natural drying. Before sterilizing, make sure it is able to adapt to high temperature.

If there is leakage, the reasons are as follows:
1. Whether the pipette tip and the pipette matches;
2. Whether the spring piston is normal;
3. If it is a volatile liquid, it may be a vapor pressure problem.

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