Method of Cleaning the Solution of the Sample Vial

The sample vials were cleaned according to different contamination levels. Generally, the cleaning method is selected according to the degree of pollution. If the cost is adequate, it is best to use a new one every time.

Solution method of cleaning sample vials:
1. Rinse with running water several times;
2. Put it into a beaker filled with pure water and ultrasound for 15 minutes;
3. Change the water and ultrasound for 15 minutes;
4. Soak in a beaker without ethanol;
5. Finally, take out and air dry.

Every year, a large number of samples of agricultural products (other chemicals, organic acids, etc.) are tested by liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, etc. Due to a large number of samples, a large number of sample vials need to be cleaned in the detection process, which not only wastes time and reduces work efficiency, but also sometimes leads to the deviation of experimental results due to the unsatisfactory cleanliness of chromatographic sample vials after cleaning.

Thus, the cleaning of sample vials is very important for experiments. But the cushion must be replaced with a new one, especially when analyzing pesticide residues, or the quantitative results will be affected.