How to Choose Sample Vials

Compared with numerous precise analytical instruments in the laboratory, the sample vial is very small but the most commonly used. How to properly choose and use sample vials and the associated materials is extremely important to the efficiency of the experiment, the process of the experiment, and the accuracy of experimental data.

If you choose the improper sample vials, some of the following problems may be caused. The volatilization loss of the analytes led by bad sealing. Chromatographic impure peaks are produced by a mutual effect between solvent and shock insulator. The mechanical damage of the automatic sampler. Bad reproducibility of sample injection. Degradation of the sample. Absorption of the sample, etc.

As a result, the following elements must be seriously considered when choosing the sample vials.

1. PTFE/Silica Gel
It possesses excellent resealing character, chemical resistance of PTFE before puncture, and chemical compatibility of silica gel after the puncture. It is recommended to use for multiple sample injection and storage.
2. PTFE/Silica Gel (Pre-Incision)
It provides good ventilation to prevent the vacuum from being produced inside the sample vial so that you are able to achieve excellent sampling reproducibility. It also eliminates jamming of the bottom needle after sampling and possesses a good ability for resealing. It is recommended for multiple sample injections.