Simple Introduction of Bottle-Top Dispenser

This product is just what you need, except for the extremely special cases in those days, and when you want to try new technology, you use this economical and practical model, the material is very secure, and it is also easy to purchase, so it is the best choice in the laboratory.

Brief introduction
The bottle-top dispenser can be said that scientists, and experimental analysts, etc. are the most cost-effective liquid demand product with strong operability, and the price economy is also in line with the needs of students, which is worthy of being used as A commonly used product in the experimental liquid transfer operation.

It is an industry-leading dispenser system for any application. The bottle-top dispenser meets the demands of the daily dispenser and is a commonly used experimental apparatus. Years of market experience and innovative technology in the Pipettes system can improve the accuracy and precision of operation, thus ensuring the consistency and repeatability of experimental results.

Ceramic is an inert material, with no impurities dissolved, the specific shape is similar to the rhombic cylinder, size has different sizes, are suitable for different capacities of the container.