The Introduction of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispenser, as a conventional laboratory liquid operation product, is widely used in the liquid operation of various chemical reagents. The bottle-top dispenser may be used in conjunction with various laboratory instruments. However, the bottle-top dispenser cannot be used for liquid storage, and the operation process cannot produce internal solutes, otherwise, it will interfere with trace element analysis, produce cytotoxins, interfere with optical properties, affect the chromatographic analysis, etc.
The bottle-top dispenser is an advanced liquid distributor with the latest accurate liquid distribution technology, high-tech materials, and ergonomic design. Its operation is simple, safe, and reliable, and the energy takes high-precision liquid.
The bottle-top dispenser is suitable for general acid and alkali, low concentration strong acid and alkali and salts. The integrated PTFE structure is adopted, and all the components contacted by the liquid are highly chemical corrosion-resistant materials, thus avoiding the leakage of fuming acid and odorous chemical liquid odor, and further enhancing the safety.
The bottle-top dispenser is divided into three types(such as a basic type, organic type, and hydrofluoric acid type) which basically covers all the solvents in the laboratory.