Hawach Sample Vials

A sample vial is a necessary product for storing samples used in the automatic sampling device, pharmaceutical factory, and laboratory. Its cleanliness must reach the nas1638-1 level. It is also a special sampling container for testing liquid contamination.

The features of sample vials

High-quality material, high hardness, high transparency, and good sealing effect.

The materials of sample vials

Its glass material is generally divided into low boron and neutral. The difference is that the content of boron and silicon are different, so the physical and chemical properties of glass are different. For high throughput experiments, low boron material is the most economical choice.

Kinds of sample vials

1. Crimp top sample vials;
2. Septa cap for crimping top sample vials;
3. Screw thread top sample vials;
4. Septa and cap for screw thread sample vials;
5. Snap top sample vials;
6. Septa and cap for snap vial;
7. Storage vials;
8. Headspace vials.

The packaging of Hawach sample vials can guarantee both cleanliness and aesthetics. The process used is high-precision ultrasound, 1000-grade clean air, and drying.