Hawach Bottle-Top Dispensers

In order to maintain the bottle-top dispensers function safely and permanently, they should be cleaned regularly. If the piston is not moving smoothly when the liquid is being divided, it should be cleaned immediately and never be hit hard.

Bottle-top dispensers must be cleaned after dispensing liquid to prevent it from evaporating and drying out, leaving a residue that sticks to the valve. If it happens, need to put it in cold water to soak for a few hours, or will clean it with an ultrasonic scour.

If there is any liquid left in the bottle-top dispenser, it can be placed in place when not in use. After changing the liquid, it is recommended to use cleaning liquid or water for multiple cleaning of the liquid separator.

Dismount bottle-top dispensers

1. Pull out the suction tube;
2. Screw down the drain pipe;
3. Loosen the capacity regulating system and pull it out downward;
4. Pull out the tapping handle together with the piston from the tapping.

Transport of bottle-top dispensers
When handling, the safety cap must be tightly closed. Never hold the dispenser handle to avoid accidental suction.