Installation, Cleaning, and Operation Notes of Pipette Tips

Installation steps of Pipette Tips

For most brands of liquid shifters, especially multi-channel pipette tip, it is not easy to install universal pipette tips: in order to pursue good sealing, it is necessary to insert the liquid transfer handle into the pipette tip, turn left and right or shake back and forth. Some people will use the fluid shifter to repeatedly impact the pipette tip to tighten, but this operation will lead to the deformation of the pipette tip and affect the accuracy, serious will damage the fluid shifter, so we should avoid such an operation. Hawach multi-channel fluid shifter has no O ring, and with conductive filter pipette tip with the front stop point, it can good news for the user of the multi-channel fluid shifter to achieve the ideal seal only by gently pressing.

Cleaning of Pipette Tips

For normal temperature samples, head washing helps to improve accuracy, but for high or low temperature samples, head washing reduces operational accuracy, please pay special attention to this. The liquid transfer operation should keep smooth and suitable suction speed, and too fast suction speed can easily cause the sample to enter the handle, bring damage to the piston and sealing ring, and cross-contamination of the sample.

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Operation Notes on Pipette Tips

The pipette tip of the liquid shifter is a one-time consumable material, which is used in any molecular biology and genetic research. It can effectively form a protective structure between the liquid shifter and the sample to ensure the safety of the sample suction and sample separation. There are some operation tips for better performance in applications:
1. The correct position when moving fluid; do not hold the fluid shifter at all times, use a finger hook to help relieve hand fatigue; if possible, often change hands.
2. It is better to check the sealing condition of the liquid remover regularly. Once the seal is found to be aging or leaking, the sealing ring should be replaced in time.
3. The fluid shifter 1-2 times a year (depending on the frequency of use).
4. Most pipette tip, before and after use for a period of time, apply a layer of lubricating oil to the piston to maintain sealing; for pipette tip with RAININ conventional range, no lubricating oil also has ideal sealing.
4. In order to ensure better accuracy and accuracy, it is recommended that the amount of liquid transfer be within the range of 35-100% of the pipette tip.

Packing Method of Pipette Tips

For solving the problems of high cost, large space, and high noise of the pipette tip box device of the liquid shifter in the prior art, Hawach provides a liquid shifter pipette tip box loader and its packing method. Most of the structure of the pipette tip is located in the chute, which improves the reliability of the pipette tip insertion into the chute.
The packing method of the pipette tip of the liquid remover includes the following steps:
1.The liquid transfer device of the invention first sprinkles several pipette tips on the screen plate, then sloshing the screen plate with the sloshing suction end of the screen plate chute with the sloshing suction end, and the top of the connecting end is located outside the chute;
2. Then holds the extractor and inserts several moving parts into the corresponding chute; then slides the extractor so that several moving parts slide along the corresponding chute, at which time the slot pushes the pipette tip to slide along the chute until the slot on the extractor has the pipette tip; The liquid remover has simple structure, ingenious design, low energy consumption, convenient operation, high efficiency, low cost, no noise, small volume, easy to carry and move, and has a broad market prospect.