Features of HAWACH Sample Vials and Their Use Notes

Features of HAWACH sample vial

HAWACH sample vials can reduce your consumption in the experiment and save time, which provides you with more economical and affordable sample consumables. It has excellent chemical stability, airtightness, and corrosion resistance, and is available in colorless and brown. The lid has a solid lid and a perforated lid, which can be divided into black and white. The septum uses high-quality materials to ensure its good function and to ensure that the septum will not fall into the sample bottle during storage. The bottle caps of the storage series are made of high-quality polypropylene, which combines innovation with time-saving convenience. The chemically inert bottle cap produced by this method truly combines the septum and the plastic cap at the molecular level, which can avoid excessive evaporation and keep the sample bottle properly sealed.

HAWACH sample vials have been used in many areas, such as the environmental protection, water industry, food, beverage, chemical testing, biological industry, petroleum, and chemical industry. Welcome to visit www.hawach.com to get more information.

Screw Thread Top Sample Vials

Use notes of HAWACH sample vial

There are several points to note when using sample vials
1. The cap of the sample vial should be tightly closed. If it is too loose, the injection needle cannot penetrate the bottle gasket of the sample vial and insert it into the bottle, which will cause sampling failure;
2. Don’t overfill the sample vial. Generally speaking, the liquid level in the vial should be kept below two-thirds of the height of the vial. If the liquid level is too high and the injection volume is relatively large, negative pressure is likely to be generated in the sealed sample vial, which affects the accurate liquid extraction of the injection needle, and even generates bubbles in the needle, resulting in poor injection repeatability;
3. When the sample is precious or the sample amount is limited, you can use the intubation tube in the sample bottle or the high-recovery sample vial, and you can also adjust the position of the sample needle during sampling to maximize the use of the limited sample;
4. When the position of the needle tip is only 0.5mm away from the bottom of the vial, pay attention to the use of standard sample vials to prevent the needle tip from poking the bottom of the bottle and damaging the injection needle;
5. Select sample vials with standard specifications to avoid sampling errors or failures and even damage to the injection needle.