How to Use the Bottle-Top Dispenser?

Bottle-top dispenser consists of a plunger cover, adjustment knob, scale indication, plunger cylinder cover, plunger, glass plunger cylinder, sealing ring, outlet valve, outlet tube cover, outlet tube, protective cap, sealing ring, inlet valve, the inlet pipe, the vent cap, and the valve body cover.

Steps for usage:
a. distribution preparation:
1. Install the pipette: Cut the matching pipette to the appropriate length according to the size of the reagent bottle used. Manually screw one end of the pipette with the fixed threaded sleeve to the bottom valve of the bottle mouth dispenser.
2. Install the liquid return pipe: Insert the straight end of a transparent liquid return pipe with a curved end at end directly into the socket at the bottom of the bottle dispenser and next to the pipette valve.
3. Install the dispensing tube: Secure the dispensing tube with the white plastic support sheath through the retaining nut at one end to the horizontal interface on the front of the bottle dispenser. Note that the dispensing tube is now tightened and the nut is tightened.
4. Mount to the reagent bottle: Install it onto the threaded bottle opening of the reagent bottle through the threaded connection at the bottom of the bottle dispenser.

b. Exhaust
1. Hold the drain tube and carefully remove the helmet.
2. Slide the helmet to the right of the dispenser, away from the drain opening.
3. Place a collection container under the drain opening.
4. Lightly pull the piston up (1-2cm) and press it quickly.
5. Repeat the above process until the bubbles in the plunger and outlet tubes are removed.

c. liquid dispensing:
1. Rotate the metering dial on the top of the bottle dispenser to the desired dispensing capacity (the dial can be rotated in both directions). Align the drain tube opening with the bottle opening of the collection container.
2. Slowly and evenly pull the piston up to the top and draw the reagent into the glass cylinder.
3. Slowly and evenly press the piston down and dispense the reagent into the collection container. Note: The dispensing speed must be carried out at a constant speed, otherwise the dispensing amount is unstable.
4. Repeat 2 to 4 until all reagents are dispensed into the collection container.
5. After use, make sure that the pipetting piston is at the bottom (controlled by the top handle) and the scale dial scale should be zero to lock the pipetting piston.