Advantages of the Bottle-Top Dispenser

The bottle-top dispenser is fixed on the reagent bottle through the screw valve, and the closure is tight and stable, so that the solution removal process is in a closed system, avoiding the volatilization, splashing, tipping, etc. of the solution, reducing the environment and human beings. Hazard is much safer than a graduated, fully open pipetting process. In organic synthesis or petrochemical laboratories, high viscosity, high density, high volatility solvents are not uncommon, especially in the petrochemical industry. Due to their special properties, such solutions are difficult to remove quickly and are difficult to quantify with conventional cylinders. The bottle-top dispenser is fully capable of handling such solutions.
In addition, chloroform as a solvent for most plastics has forced many experimenters to use traditional glass measuring cylinders and beakers to pipette, but chloroform is extremely volatile and has anesthetic and toxic nerve action. Organic bottle dispenser All parts that come into contact with the solvent are made of PFA and glass, so the bottle dispenser can completely remove chloroform.