How To Quickly Detect The Degree Of Pipette?

First, we need to determine if there is a leak in the pipette.

1. Detection method:
1) Visual inspection: first pipette the liquid using the pipette to be tested, then let it stand vertically for 15 seconds to see if there is a slow flow of droplets. If there is a droplet flowing out slowly, it means that the pipette has air leakage.
2) Pressure pump detection: Use a dedicated pressure pump to detect the pressure and determine if the pipette is leaking.

2. If there is a leak in the pipette, then we need to analyze the possible causes of the leak:

First, check if the tip matches? It is recommended to use original matching tips. If it is not the original matching tip, consult the manufacturer or agent to see if the tip you are using matches the pipette used.

Secondly, is there any tightening when assembling the tip? It is very likely that the pipette leaks due to the lack of tightening when the tip is loaded.

After that, if no problem is found in either of the above cases, it is likely that the internal air tightness of the pipette is not good. This time it is necessary to work with the pipette company maintenance engineer.