Steps to Clean the Bottle-Top Dispensers

When the experimenters do experiments with bottle-top dispensers, it is necessary to tend them. The bottle-top dispensers must be cleaned and checked in time every three months.

The distributor must be cleaned in the following cases.

The first case is when the piston of the bottle-top dispenser is tightening and astringency. The second is when the experimenters use the bottle-top dispenser to remove the solution which is needed to be cleaned periodically. The other cases are before changing the reagent, before sterilization, before changing the inlet valve, drain valve, and return valve, or before a long period of suspension.

Thus it is quite important to clean the bottle-top dispenser thoroughly.

First, the experimenters should clean the pipelines. And then second, remove the drain pipe, intake pipe, drain valve, intake valve, and migration pipe. Be careful that do not to let the operator face it directly when disassembling. Third, move the piston. Fourth, clean the sleeve and the piston with a brush and detergent. Finally, we should soak the bottle-top dispenser in a suitable cleaning agent and wash it repeatedly. And then wash it with deionized water. If necessary, we can soak it overnight.