The Method of Cleaning Sample Vial

The sample vial‘s cleaning is very important. Usually, according to the principle of glass instrument washing and the degree of pollution to choose cleaning methods, there is no fixed mode. The specific methods are as follows:

The first method :
1. Dry the sample in the sample vial.
2. Dipping in 95% alcohol, washing twice with ultrasonic and then dry,        Entering 1.5Ml vial is easy for alcohol, and it can be soluble with most organic solvents;
3. Pour in limpid water and wash twice with ultrasound.
4. Pour the detergent into the drying vial and bake at 110 Celsius System for 1-2 hours. It can’t bake at high temperatures.
5.  Chilling and protecting.

The second method:
1. Rinsing the tap water several times.
2. Put it in a beaker filled up with pure water, ultrasonic for 15 minutes.
3. Changing the water, and ultrasound for 15 minutes.
4. Finally, take out the natural air drying.

The third method:
1. Soaking in methanol for 20 minutes, then dry the methanol.
2. Filling the sample bottle with water, washing it with ultrasound for 20 minutes, and then dry it.
3. Finally, the sample vial will be dried.