How to Clean Chromatographic Sample Vial

It is extremely important to clean the chromatographic sample vial. If you fail to do that, it will affect the next measurement.
As more and more attention is paid to food quality and safety, chromatography analysis technology is widely applied to the detection of food quality and safety, especially for agricultural products.
In China, there is a mass of agricultural product samples (other chemical products, organic acid, etc.) that need to be detected by liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. As the quantity of samples is large, there are plenty of chromatographic sample vials that need to be cleaned during the process of detection. It not only wastes time and reduces work efficiency, but also can lead to deviation of detection results if the chromatographic sample vials are not cleaned up.

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The Steps of Cleaning Chromatographic Sample Vial
1. Empty the solution inside the chromatographic sample vial
2. Immerse the chromatographic sample vial in 95% ethyl alcohol and use ultrasonic to clean it twice, then empty the ethyl alcohol inside
3. Fill the chromatographic sample vial with clean water and use ultrasonic to clean it twice
4. Empty the clean water inside and bake it for one to two hours under the temperature of 110 ℃
5. Cool and store the chromatographic sample vial