What is the Bottle-Top Dispenser?

A bottle-top dispenser is a device installed at the mouth of a solvent bottle to take a large amount of solution and has been constantly updated and improved to meet the growing operational requirements of the laboratory for more than ten years.
There are two kinds of bottle-top dispensers: mechanical (0.5 – 5ml, 1 – 10ml, 2.5 – 25ml and 5 – 50ml) and electronic (0.1 – 99.9ml).
Installation instructions of bottle-top dispensers
1. Install the suction pipe;
2. Install the return pipe;
3. Install the distribution pipe;
4. Install the reagent bottle;
5. Prepare the suction and separation;
6. Get rid of air bubbles;
7. Quantitative liquid separation;
8. Handle after use;
9. Simple maintain and cleaning.
All-purpose/hydrofluoric acid bottle-top dispensers
They are suitable for hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, nicotinic acid, alkali, solvent and extreme dangerous liquid. The valve has no spring structure, no corrosion and metal ion contamination reagent, suitable for trace analysis. Strengthen the safety valve to prevent the release of niacin/odor chemical liquid odor.
The materials of bottle-top dispensers are mainly optical glass, Al2O3, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE, platinum-iridium alloy, PP (safety helmet).