Benefits of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Generally speaking, bottle-top dispenser which is a scientific device that could improve wide application, safety performance, speed, and reliability. In addition, it could save you time and work, and even protect you and your samples. To be more specific, the advantages of the bottle-top dispenser are as follows:

0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser China Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab

1. It’s convenient to use a bottle-top dispenser, which ensures lab security. It’s time-saving and labor-saving for the reason that every bottle could have its own dispenser. In addition, the enclosed environment of solvent could eliminate the risk of accidental splashing. The smoke is under control so that there is no potential danger to human bodies.

2. The accuracy of the bottle-top dispenser is about 0.5%-0.6%. Apart from that, the narrow tube makes it easier to dispense in small containers whose volume is 1-5ml.

3. It could not only help daily and complicated lab work but also accelerate working space and improve total productivity. For example, if a mass of samples (50-150) needs to be produced without mistake, it could easily speed up the working procedure to minimize the risk of contamination.