Introduction of Glass Vial, Septa and Cap

Category of Glass Sample Vial

Cork TypeThere are screw thread, clip, and jaw (necessarily matching responsible to use).
Appearance ColorTransparent and brown( to keep out of sunlight) is sorted specifically.
VolumeProducts have different volumes – 2ml, 10 and 20, 40ml.
Caliber8mm, 9mm(NO. 8-425 or 9-425 are all standard screwed mouth), 11mm(crimp or bayonet)
Writing BlankIf the blank area for writing exists is one classification criteria.
Glass MaterialUSP1 Borosilicate glass(a bit expensive than home-made one)
It would be better if the transparent color is 5.0 but 7.0.

Septa & Cap

Screw Cover GasketPTFE /silica gel/PTFE, PTFE /silica gel
Cap color: black-8mm; blue-9mm
Septa color: white- silica gel; red or blue-PTFE
Crimp Cover GasketWith better sealing effect, this gasket is usually applied to Gas Chromatogram or long-term sample storage.

Naming Principle

Glass VialFor screw ones, here take SVS201C as an example.
It is composed of a Sample Vial, Screw top, 2ml, no writing space, a caliber of 9mm, and a clear vial.
Crimp kind like SVC201C refers to a similar meaning as below.
Septa and CapSLSSC002SP: Sample vial screw cap with 002-9mm and SP-pre/slit