Hawach Bottle-Top Dispenser Overview

With a bottle-top dispenser, the loss of expensive reagents and media messes can be effectually avoided during the transfers. We can find almost the same amounts reproduced for the applications through a direct displacement piston system.

The bottle-top dispensers achieve safer chemical transport as well, due to the right-angled spout which does not need any cap to keep it clean. You can choose the desired amount of substance exactly by adjusting and locking the knob volume tops.

We have mechanical bottle-top dispensers and electronic bottle-top dispensers available. With the ranges covering a volume range: of 0.5-5mL, 1-10mL, 2.5-25mL, and 5-50mL, our mechanical bottle-top dispensers can be fitted in a wide range of applications. It’s convenient to make the volume regulation accurate in a short time. With 5 different adapters, they can be used in almost all kinds the reagent bottles in the lab.

Compared with mechanical bottle-top dispensers, the electronic control system used on the electronic bottle-top dispenser makes the process more stable and reliable by reducing human operations.