A Brief Introduction of Screw Thread Top Sample Vials

What is called a good sample vial must have the following qualities: specific size, cleanliness, and proper adsorption degree that meet the certification requirements. The sample vial with thread mouth is made of high-quality hydrolyzed glass of first grade. The technical specifications of the screw thread top sample vial, such as the inner and outer diameters of the bottle mouth and the bottle body, and the accuracy of the threaded mouth, are fully in line with international standards and strict quality inspection.

In the coming articles, we will talk about the advantages of the screw thread top sample vial. The raw material of the sample vials is normally PTFE and silicone rubber or ultra-pure silicone rubber, which ensures that the product is non-toxic. The unique white silica gel spacer is easier to penetrate, which is the protection of the sample vials’ needles.

And the higher purity of the spacer can minimize the miscellaneous peaks to most. The adhesive-free bonding technology ensures that the PTFE layer of the two materials has good chemical inertia, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, and adhesion resistance, while the silicone rubber or silicone rubber layer has excellent resilience, which not only ensures the sealing performance but also provides better protection for the needle of the sample vials.