Bottle-top Dispenser Operating Precautions

The bottle-top dispenser produced by our company is very ingenious and practical. It occurs a few breakdowns and is easy to maintain because of its simple mechanical structure. Besides, it has a durable and easy-to-clean surface.

Points for Attention in Operation
Firstly, the bottle-top dispenser should be firmly and tightly fixed on the reagent bottle through the screw mouth valve, so that the solution removal process occurs with no accident and causes no harm. Secondly, when the piston needs to move, the process should be gentle and slow, so as not to reduce the precision of measurement and maintain stable performance. Thirdly, if the piston does not move smoothly in the process of liquid separation, it is better to stop operation and clean it immediately. Lastly, the bottle-top dispenser should be cleaned in accordance with the operating instructions.

Quality Assurance
This product is noted for fine workmanship and excellent performance, it occurs with few failures as long as the operation process conforms to the standard. Even if there is a breakdown, free repairs are available within the guarantee period, only if defects are inherent in the design or production process. Faulty products can be repaired in the original factory or authorized service and maintenance center. Take care not to dismantle and repair faulty products without permission, or all losses should be borne by yourself.