Optimal Sample Vials

A full range of optimal sample vials are available for chromatography and analytical chemistry lab instruments and samples in variable sizes and materials, increase test efficiency, eliminating the need for cleaning, and reducing sample failures, thus saving your time and cost. Please select appropriate vials applicable to your autosampler. The common size of vials for autosamplers is 9mm.

Specification of Sample Vials

Sample vials are mainly made of glass or plastic in clear and amber with different sizes for diversified applications. Both are transparent to allow you to check inclusions easily. Amber vials are especially applicable to light-sensitive samples, avoiding changes in nature due to exposure to UV. Options of round bottom or flat bottom are provided. The round bottom is more rigid and has higher resistance to pressure, while the flat bottom performs better when instruments move downwards.


Crimper, decapper, closure and various caps (such as crimp top cap, magnetic cover, magnetic threaded cap, threaded cap, snap cap, assembled cap, plug cap, open-top cap, etc. made of vinyl rubber, PTFE, silicone rubber, silver foil, fluororubber, natural rubber, etc.) fit with various application scenarios.