Choice of Sample vials

Sample vials and their accessories are relatively mature and simple. The quality assurance of the sample vials, cap, and septa provided by Hawach can meet customers’ requirements and avoid customers’ doubts about their quality.

Key points to customer choice

In contrast, the common applicability of vials, cap, and septa used for HPLC, GC automatic sampler is the key to customer choice. All the vials, cap,s and septa provided by the company are manufactured in accordance with international standards, and there is no adaptation problem, which can ensure the repeatability of the results.

Naming rules of vials

●Screw:SVS201C-SampleVial+Screw top+2ml+ No writing +9mm caliber +Clear vial
●Clamp: SVC201C-SampleVial+Crimp top+2ml+ No writing +11mm caliber +Clear vial
●Snap: SSVN211C- SampleVial + Snap top +2ml+11mm caliber +clear

Naming rules of cap step

●SLSSC002SP: HAWACH Sample vial screw cap, 002-9mm, SP-pre/slit
●SLSNC001SP: HAWACH Sample vial snap cap, 001-8mm, SP-pre/slit
●SLSSC003SP: HAWACH Sample vial crimp cap, 003-11mm, SP-pre/slit

2ml Screw Thread Top Sample Vials Clear Screw Thread Top Sample Vials & Caps for HPLC Crimp Top Sample Vials