Application of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispenser, also known as a bottle-top distributor and bottle-top pipette, is an instrument for accurately measuring liquid chemicals. It is generally divided into automatic bottle-top separator, continuous bottle-top separator, glass separator, bottle-top separator, bottle-top distributor, digital separator, vernier separator, standard separator, organic separator, and hydrofluoric acid separator. It is widely used in biological and chemical fields, as well as clinical medicine, and industrial and commercial laboratories.

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The bottle-top dispenser is fixed on the reagent bottle through the screw mouth valve, which is closed tightly and firmly, so that the solvent removal process is in a closed system, avoiding the volatilization, splashing and overturning of the solution, reducing the harm to the environment and human beings, and is much safer than the totally open process of liquid transfer in the measuring cylinder. In organic synthesis or petrochemical laboratories, high viscosity, high density, high volatile solvents are not uncommon, especially in the petrochemical industry. Because of its special properties, this kind of solution is difficult to be quickly removed, and it is difficult to quantify accurately with traditional measuring cylinder. The dispenser separator is fully capable of removing such solution.