Correct Operation and Skill of Pipette

Some correct operation and skill of pipettes should be paid attention to by users, such as set capacity, proper operation of suction and draining operation.

The suction of a pipette

1. Connect the suction nozzle properly;
2. Press the control button to the suitable gear;
3. Put the nozzle vertically into the 1-6mm below the liquid level;
4. Slowly slide the control button back to the original position;
5. Wait for 1-3 seconds before the pipette removes the liquid
6. Slowly remove the nozzle to ensure there is no liquid on the outer wall of the nozzle.

Draining operation of a pipette

1. The nozzle is held against the inner wall of the capacity at an angle;
2. Slowly press the control button to the suitable gear and wait for about 1-3 seconds;
3. The nozzle will drain the remaining liquid in the process of pressing the control button to the second gear;
4. Slow down the control button;
5. Press the ejection button to eject the nozzle.
When using a pipette, the forward transfer is suitable for the solution with low density. Reverse transfer is suitable for viscous or volatile liquids.

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