Bottle-Top Dispenser Maintenance Procedures

1. Every three months of use, it must be cleaned in time and checked for usage. The bottle-top dispenser must be cleaned in the following cases:
a. The piston is tight and cuffed
b. After removing the reagent/solution that needs to be cleaned regularly at the bottle-top dispenser
c. Before replacing the reagent
d. Before sterilization
e. Before replacing the inlet valve, drain valve, and return valve
f. Long time before decommissioning

2. Pipe cleaning
a. After the pipetting, the rotation adjustment ring only has the “0” scale position.
b. Put the dispenser and reagent bottle together in a suitable cleaning container.
c. Rotate the adjustment ring to the maximum range
d. Unscrew the dispenser from the reagent bottle
e. Put the drain tube against the collection bottle
f. Move the piston to drain the liquid from the line
g. Put the inlet line into a suitable cleaning solution and thoroughly pipe the tube by repeated pipetting.

3. The machine is thoroughly cleaned
a. Complete pipe cleaning first
b. Disassemble the drain pipe, the inlet pipe, the drain valve, the inlet valve, and the turbulent pipe. Be careful not to straighten the operator when disassembling.
c. Moving the piston
d. Clean the sleeve and piston with a brush and detergent
e. Then bubble the dispenser into a suitable cleaning solution and rinse it repeatedly, then rinse with deionized water and soak overnight if needed

4. Installation