Precautions for Use of the Bottle-Top Dispenser

1. When installing the drain tube and the inlet tube, insert the tube straight into the valve, tighten the nut to avoid violent installation, and insert the tube into the tube.
2. Before each use, make sure that the inlet and outlet pipes and all valves are properly installed and tightened to prevent splashing of the piston movement.
3. Drain the drain tube to avoid direct safety to the operator
4. Control or die when draining, move slowly and evenly, use a suitable container to receive, and let the liquid go down the wall
5. If you meet any trouble during the drain, please stop immediately, and do not operate in the bag to avoid further damage to the instrument.
6. After the instrument is used, please fasten the safety cap of the drain tube to prevent the liquid in the drain nozzle from dripping due to gravity or water vapor in the air.
7. After using the apparatus, turn the scale adjustment ring to the “0” position for safety.
8. Prohibited agent: HF acid and bromine suspensions. (If used, a particular bottle-top dispenser is needed)
9. Do not apply the organic agent to the surface of the instrument. If it gets in, wash it with water in time.
10. The bottle-top dispenser is fit for operation at a temperature of 4-50 °C.