About the Quality and Features of HAWACH Sample Vials

HAWACH has a strong technical before-and-after sales service team that aims to provide a wide range of laboratory consumables in a one-stop shop, using state-of-the-art quality control processes in every product, packaging, and transportation process.

Cap gasket:
Threaded cap gasket: gasket material: PTFE / silica gel / PTFE, PTFE / silica gel (PTFE cap color: black -8mm; blue -9mm).
Jaw cap gasket: jaw seal is better, more commonly used in GC air chromatography injection, or long-term sample storage).
Mat color: white – silica gel; red/blue – PTFE; blue is pre-open.

Take the sample vials for example. HAWACH sample vials can be divided into different types based on different aspects. Based on the bottle mouth, there are thread, buckle, and jaw (where the jaws need to be used with the corresponding pliers); from the colors, the HAWACH sample vial can be transparent and brown (brown is mainly used to protect from light).

From the volume, there are 2ml, 10ml, 20ml, and 40ml, etc. From the caliber, it can be 8mm, 9mm (8-425/9-425 standard are threaded), and 11 mm is the jaw/bayonet; From glass material, it can be made of USP1 borosilicate glass, and transparent color can be 7.0 and 5.0, which is better, and transparent glass is all USP1. Therefore, when purchasing sample vials, the above aspects need to be considered.

1. The glass adopts a high-quality borosilicate glass tube, the free ion contains low enthalpy, has a low expansion coefficient, and very high chemical resistance;
2. Unique thread design ensures consistent seals;
3. Strict quality control guarantees dimensional consistency among batches and batches;
4. Sample vials and cover pads are tested for LCMS cleanliness;
5. Suitable for many companies’ automatic samplers.

Clear Screw Thread Top Sample Vials & Caps for HPLC
Amber Crimp Top Glass HPLC Sample Vials
Amber Screw Thread Top Sample Vials for HPLC Writing Area

Development of Sample Vial
Hawach Scientific sample vial is a high-quality sample bottle, which is characterized in reasonable price and excellent performance with the strict quality management process. The exquisite package can bring you a perfect sample bottle.

Compared with conventional sample vial, Hawach sample vial can replace the storage rack and work as a storage rack in the course of the experiment. And it is attractive in appearance and convenient to use. Automatic counting and strict package process ensure product safety, which both guarantee package quality and prevent contamination caused by human factors.

Improvements of Sample Vial
Sample vial provided by Hawach adopts glass with the laziest chemical properties as raw materials and the gasket is made of PTFE or silica gel. It has intentional re-sealing performance and can be used for multiple injections without problems such as gasket fragments.

Additionally, it is suitable for high precision laboratories with high requirements. Complete sizes and perfect service wins a good reputation constantly. Other accessories such as caps, septa, and standard certified automatic vials are provided free. Three types such as screw top, crimp top and sample vials are all available in Hawach Scientific.

Quality control
Known for their ease of use, rugged design, and unmatched reliability, HAWACH becomes the industry standard for lab consumables, which the position our products hold to this day.

HAWACH vials are made of bismuth quality borosilicate glass and meet international standards. From the beginning to the end, it is under quality control; we also perform chromatographic performance tests on silicone rubber septa to ensure the highest standard purity requirements and eliminate impurity contamination and possible analytical errors.