About the Latest Designs of Bottle-Top Dispenser

The latest bottle-top dispenser adopts a step-by-step range design principle to reduce errors and ensure a high-precision dispensing volume. It is a measuring and dispensing tool that does not require calibration in the laboratory for life.

It is fully compliant with ISO(International Standardization Organization), GLP(Good Laboratory Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and DIN (German Industrial Standard) standards, which is best suited for a variety of laboratories and production lines that require liquid separation, and is widely used in P2 and P3 advanced laboratories. Each product is individually tested and provides a full range of quality inspection reports and can be placed directly into the DIN, EN, and ISO 9000 quality documentation to help you apply for ISO9000 certification.

Forward Pipetting
When sets the measuring range, the discharge button of the dispenser should be pressed to the first stop point, the button should be released smoothly, the dispenser suction head is in the suction head, and when the liquid is released, the suction head should be pressed to the first stop point, and then pressed to the second stop point after a slight pause.

Reverse Pipetting
Detailed steps are as followed: pressing the button to the second stop point, immersing the suction head into the liquid level, making the control button slide back to its original position slowly, releasing the button suction sample; when releasing the liquid, the suction head is close to the container wall, firstly, pressing the discharge button to the first stop point, the remaining volume should be abandoned or returned to the original container, then releasing to the first stop point and releasing the button.

Repetitive Pipetting
Steps are as followed: pressing the button to the second stop point, immersing the suction head into the bottle-top dispenser, making the control button slide back to its original position slowly, then releasing the button and repeat the above steps as reverse pipetting.

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Features of the new type bottle-top dispenser

1. Low visual difference
Head-up scale, no side view or gimmick reading, effectively reducing visual errors and body fatigue.

2. Resistant to corrosion
Its piston is made of high-purity ceramic, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, dimensional and functional stability for a lifetime, to achieve a multi-functional function, perfectly matched with the glass sleeve, easy to operate.

3. Prevent interference
A homing slot is designed for the safety helmet to prevent interference with normal draining.

4. High precision, no calibration required
The stepped range design is used to control the range, the mechanized digital adjustment principle is applied, and the capacity indexing adjustment ring is adopted to ensure the high precision of the liquid separation amount, no error, and no need to recalibrate for life.

5. Easy to operate
It adopts ergonomic principles, making the operation simple and convenient, and the capacity is adjusted efficiently and accurately.

6. Prevent damage
The body is protected by an attached plastic case with a transparent window for easy viewing.

7. Can be autoclaved
The entire unit can be autoclaved at 121 °C without disassembly, and all parts in contact with the reagents are made of corrosion-resistant ECTFE and FEP materials.

8. Environmental protection and safety
The easy-to-operate safety valve can effectively establish a reagent recovery system and safe drainage to prevent the outflow of corrosive reagents caused by accidental drainage. The ball and seat are made of borosilicate glass, and the spring material of the outlet valve is Hastelloy. All valves can be easily loaded and unloaded with a mounting wrench (attached to the box).