Use Instruction of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is usually used by being fixed on the sample vials through the screw valve. Due to the tight and stable sealing, the removal process of the sample solutions is in a closed system. It could effectively avoid the occurrence of evaporation, splashing, tipping, etc.

Package and Delivery of Bottle-top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispenser offered by Hawach Scientific formulates a complete delivery process and reliable package. In the transportation process, all products are packed with hard cartons and thick foam for safe delivery.

Once customers choose the appropriate one based on timeline and budget, ordered products will be delivered as soon as possible, because Hawach has got the unique geographical advantages and convenient transport network. Besides, detailed inspection and delivery plan will be submitted to clients before delivery, to guarantee the package meets the requirements, and delivery is safely and quickly.

Specification of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Hawach Scientific bottle-top dispenser is a convenient device to facilitate the removal of a fixed volume of liquid from other storage bottles. And it can perform accurate and highly repetitive liquid separation without wasting reagents.

Details on Hawach Scientific bottle-top dispenser are provided as follows, the maximum pressure resistance is 500mbar, the maximum viscosity resistance is 500mm, the maximum operating temperature is from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius, and the maximum piston lift is 10ml, the volume range is from 0.1 to 99.9 ml.

Performance of Bottle-top Dispenser

Hawach uses high-grade chemically inert materials to ensure the purity of reagents, which is compatible with a wide selection of samples and is autoclavable for diverse applications.

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Hawach bottle-top dispenser can be screwed directly onto reagent bottles with different screw threads, and other bottle types can also be connected with the provided adapters. Hawach provides quick and easy servicing and maintenance for replaceable filling and discharge valves. It is easy to ensure proper orientation upon replacement in the tube discharging process.

Use Instruction

The first step of using a bottle-top dispenser is to insert and tighten the inlet and drain tube. Secondly, adjust the liquid amount from zero to the corresponding value by rotating the scale. The third step is the exhaust process. Make sure that the drain cap is open and press down the piston by lifting it in advance. Repeat this step 1-2 times until the bubble is completely removed.

Next, start to prepare the liquid separation by adjusting the liquid separation amount from zero to the corresponding value. To lift the piston stably to a higher position and then press it to the bottom, which means the completion of a separation process. After use, remember to press the piston to the bottom firstly and adjust the knob to zero scales to lock the dispenser.

Warning and maintenance of Bottle-top Dispenser

Related safety guidelines are available in instructions. In operation, the opening of the tube should not point at the operator so as not to cause accidental injury or damage. Wear suitable overalls and gloves are a good choice.

In the case of piston contamination or residue accumulations in the dispenser, it is better to clean and sterilize or replace valve. Provided that the liquid dispensing is little, it is better to check the connection of the fluid-dispensing tube or the installation of the valve. Hawach is available in complete accessories such as an adapter, fluid inletting tube, and fluid discharging tube.