What Makes HAWACH Bottle-Top Dispenser Popular?

The bottle-top dispenser is an instrument that accurately measures solution and HAWACH bottle-top dispenser can be used manually or automatically. It enjoys great popularity because of the following highlights.

HAWACH bottle-top dispensers are featuring excellent chemical and heat resistance, high-temperature sterilization, an accurate self-locking system for easy setting of pipetting volume, threaded suction hose to prevent air bubbles and ergonomic design to prevent fatigue. In addition, various models are available to meet a wide range of solution capacity and the convenient design ensures simple and economical cleaning and maintenance of the dispenser. What more, the dispensers can be made of PTFE, FEP, BSG, PP, etc. It’s all about your choice.

HAWACH bottle-top dispensers are suitable for hydrofluoric acid, strong acids, niacin, alkalis, solvents, and extremely hazardous liquids. It is equipped with a safety valve with enhanced protection to avoid leakage of smog/odorous chemical liquid odor.

1. All liquid contact parts are highly chemically resistant materials.
2. The setting operation is simple, and even the protective gloves can be directly operated, and the locking device can be set to ensure that no accidental volume change occurs during the operation.
3. It features stable work performance and easy calibration.
4. With whole sterilization, a filter can be installed at the inlet of the dispenser to remove airborne contaminants
5. Optional PTFE extension tubes and liquid nozzles can be used to dispense liquid accurately into the receiving bottle of the remote dispenser
6. For large-capacity dosing devices, it also has a micro-adjustment ring to ensure high precision in large liquid volume distribution.

China Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab
0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser

1. Fast volume setting, precise scale design
2. Smooth and precise piston sliding up and down for easy and comfortable operation
3. Drain tube safety helmet to avoid contact with reagents, easy to install or remove even with gloves
4. Suitable for any reagent bottle in the laboratory
5. Transparent pipette for reagent bottles of all sizes
6. Strong chemical resistance
7. Can be sterilized by high temperature
8. Different models cover different capacity ranges
9. Convenient design ensures simple and economical cleaning and maintenance of the dispenser

HAWACH professional team
HAWACH has a group of experts with senior technical titles. It has experts and talents who are engaged in all kinds of instruments and equipment. Among them are senior technicians who have been engaged in instrument design for decades and young professional technicians who will provide professional after-sales protection for customers. The sales team, experienced sales staff who have 5-10 years of experience in the products they are responsible for, can carefully select the right products for you, and check each parameter in your bulk purchase.

As a routine laboratory liquid operation product, the bottle-top dispenser is widely used in various chemical reagents. HAWACH bottle-top dispensers can be used in conjunction with a variety of different instruments in the laboratory to meet a variety of needs. Please note that the bottle-top dispenser can not produce an internal solution in liquid storage and operation, otherwise it will interfere with trace element analysis, produce cytotoxin, interfere with optical properties, and affect the chromatographic analysis.