Electronic Pipettes Have Always Been Comfortable and Convenient

The Electronic pipette energy-saving and environmental-friendly battery, fast charging, long-term use, intuitive and simple design, ergonomic design, ultra-light material, easy to use, flexible operation, multi-channel automatic induction calibration, magnetic piston control

The comfortable feel of the electronic pipette reduces your operating intensity and improves your work efficiency. Highly stepping motor control piston makes your operation more and more accurate. The designed microprocessor controls the stepping motor, which enhances its degree. Every time a pipetting operation is performed, the system will automatically calibrate it once to ensure its accuracy.

Electronic pipettes uphold consistent comfort and convenience. The lightweight and durable pipette has a superpower and can work continuously for 15 hours. Simple operation makes the work of pipetting easy. Only two buttons control the entire process from aspiration to pipetting. The pipetting speed can be easily adjusted. Suitable for use from 0.1 ml to 100 ml. The light, wireless, and ergonomic design of the electronic pipette makes pipetting simple and easy to control with one hand. Can meet your experimental needs in different environments.

A detailed description of the electronic pipette:

● Large color screen, full Chinese operation, and intuitive menus make full use of all modes and functions quickly
● Basic functions include forward, reverse, hybrid, manual, and continuous division
● Special functions include dilution and mixing, sampling, gel loading, and continuous unequal volume dispensing
● Ergonomically designed grips, buttons, and hands to help you transfer liquid easily and comfortably
● Complete Chinese operation interface information without abbreviations, saving response time
● Energy-saving pipetting, adjustable screen backlight level 1-6, prompt sound can be switched on and off
● Shortcut to blow off the tip and prevent wrong pipetting in time
● Center-of-gravity balanced design for easy vertical operation

Electronic Control Digital Pipette Epipette

Electronic pipette is easy to operate and easy to control with one hand; suitable for 0.1-100ml pipettes; high-power motor can be quickly filled with 100ml of liquid; replaceable lithium battery has a long service life, can work intermittently for 8 hours, and charging time 2-3 Hours; large LCD screen displays 8-speed gears and power information; liquid suction and dispensing buttons controlled by fingertips to ensure the accuracy of pipetting; PVDF material, corrosion resistance; warning function when there is insufficient power.

The electronic pipette can perform 2,000 pipettes continuously when fully charged. When the battery is low, the battery indicator will indicate charging. If the battery is empty when in use, connect the power supply to the charger and continue to use it. The integrated timing circuit and thermal sensor can protect the battery from overcharging. In addition, each electronic pipette contains a battery, charger, PTFE filter, and holder.

The electronic pipette is equipped with a new high-speed silent motor, which can quickly suck high-viscosity liquids. Quickly absorb 25ml liquid in 3 seconds, feel comfortable, and can be placed in a biological safety cabinet at an angle. Built-in durable rechargeable battery, it can work continuously for 8 hours without charging. With the accusation key, you can easily control the sampling method and speed. The concave arc design of the accusation key gives the operator great comfort.