Washing Procedures and Method of Sample Vial

Hawach sample vial is a container for instrument analysis of substances to be analyzed, and its cleanliness directly affects the analysis results. The following methods have a good washing effect on fat-soluble residue and organic reagent residue in the sample vial, the cleanliness meets the requirements, the cleaning steps are simple, the cleaning time is reduced, and the cleaning process is more economical and environmental protection.

Screw Thread Top Sample Vials1. To open the aluminum cover in the ventilation cabinet, the bottle can be poured out of the waste liquid bottle, and then let the bottle in the ventilation cabinet to let the solvent volatilize for a period of time;
2. Put the bottle into the basin, add detergent and water, and soak, should not be too long, the residue in the bottle can be cleaned down;
3. Clean the bottle with a tube brush, and clean the tap water;
4. Try to drain the water in the bottle, soaked in analytical pure methanol 0.5-1 h, soaked methanol can be reused if methanol is too dirty and should be replaced;
5. Pour the soaked methanol back into the original glass bottle and continue to use it next time. Soak the bottle with tap water, then rinse with ultra-pure water 2-3 times, rinse, and dry.

Method for Cleaning Sample Vial

Cleaning of the sample vial is very important, if cleaning is not clean, it may affect the next measurement, so be sure to master the cleaning method of the sample vial, according to the glass instrument washing method according to the degree of contamination selection of cleaning methods, there are several commonly used methods:

Method 1: 1. Guide rod chromatography sample vial test solution; 2. All immersed in 95% alcohol, ultrasonic washing 2 times after drying, because alcohol easy to enters 1.5 mL of the small bottle, and can dissolve with most organic solvents; 3. Pour in clear water, ultrasonic washing 2 times; 4. Pour the lotion into the bottle, and dry at 80 degrees Celsius, must not be baked at high temperature.
Method 2: 1. Rinse tap water several times; 2. Put in a beaker with pure water, ultrasonic for 15 minutes; 3. Change water, and then ultrasonic for 15 minutes; 4. Soak in a beaker with absolute ethanol; 5. Remove and air dry naturally.
Method 3: 1. First soak with methanol, and ultrasonic cleaning for 20 minutes, then pour methanol dry; 2. Then fill the chromatographic sample vial with water, ultrasonic cleaning for 20 minutes, then pour the water dry; 3. Finally, the chromatographic sample vial is dried.