Description of Lab Bottle-Top Dispenser 50ml

Bottle-top dispensers, also known as bottle-top dispensers and bottle-top pipettes, are instruments for accurately measuring liquid medicines.

Generally divided into automatic bottle-top dispensers, continuous bottle-top dispensers, glass dispensers, bottle-top dispensers, digital dispensers, vernier dispensers, and standard dispensers, Organic type dispensers.

Lab bottle-top dispenser 50ml is widely used in the fields of biology and chemistry, as well as clinical medicine, and industrial and commercial laboratories.

Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers

How to use bottle-top dispenser?
1. Insert the liquid inlet pipe and tighten the nut.
2. Insert the drain tube and tighten it.
3. Adjust the dispensing volume from zero to the corresponding value through the rotating scale.
4. Exhaust process: Make sure that the cover of the drain pipe is open, lift the piston for a certain distance, then press it down, repeat this step 1-2 times, and stop when the bubbles are completely eliminated through the observation window.
5. After exhausting, start preparing for liquid dispensing. (Note: If the exhaust has not been completely exhausted, please check whether the suction pipe or other valves are installed correctly.)
6. Adjust the dispensing volume from zero to the corresponding value through the rotating scale.
7. After bottle-top dispenser uses, first press the piston to the bottom, and then adjust the knob to zero scale to lock the bottle-top dispenser.
8. Pipetting process: Lift the piston stably to a high place, and then press it to the bottom steadily, thus completing a dispensing process.

What should be paid attention to when using lab bottle-top dispenser 50ml?
1. When installing the discharge pipe and the inlet pipe, insert the pipe port straight into the valve and tighten the nut to avoid violent installation and damage the pipe port.
2. Before each use, it must be ensured that the inlet valve, the discharge pipe and all the valves are correctly installed and tightened to prevent the piston from splashing.
3. Drain the liquid so that the liquid discharge pipe avoids directly facing the operator to ensure safety.
4. Control the piston to move slowly and uniformly when discharging, use a suitable container to receive it, and let the liquid drop down the wall.
5. Please stop immediately when you encounter any failure during discharge, and do not operate violently to avoid further damage to the instrument.
6. After using the instrument, please buckle the safety cap of the discharge pipe to prevent the liquid at the discharge pipe mouth from dripping due to gravity or suction of water vapor in the air.
7. After using the instrument, please rotate the scale adjustment ring to the “0” position to ensure safety.
8. Prohibited reagents: HF acid and bromine suspension. (If used, a special bottle-top dispenser is required)
9. Do not stain organic reagents on the surface of the instrument. If it does, wash it with water in time.
10. The suitable operating temperature of the bottle-top dispenser is 4-50°C.
The bottle-top dispenser is suitable for quantitative dosing and dispensing of different liquids in various laboratories.

Lab bottle-top dispenser 50ml can be used in petrochemical, medical and health, metallurgical, scientific research and environmental protection industries. The upper and lower one-way pistons of the dispenser have good sealing performance, which ensures the accuracy of the dispenser. Small repetition error can save a lot of research and experiment time.