Tips for Pipette Operation

Hawach pipette is a precise instrument. It should be carefully used and stored to prevent damage and to avoid affecting its measuring range. The precautions in using the pipette are as follows:

Set volume

1. When adjusting from large volume to small volume, the normal adjustment method is counter-clockwise rotation scale.
2. When adjusting from small volume to large volume, we can first adjust clockwise to the scale exceeding the set volume, and then back to the set volume, so as to ensure the best accuracy.

Assembly suction head

1. Single-channel pipette, the pipette end is inserted vertically into the suction head, slightly rotated left and right, and tightened. Such as Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes, Advanced Half Autoclave Single Channel Adjustable Pipettes, Advanced Half Autoclave Single Channel Fixed Pipettes.

2. It is not advisable to tighten the suction head by repeatedly impacting the pipette. This operation will result in loose parts of the pipette due to a strong impact, and in serious cases, the knob of adjusting the scale will be jammed.

3. Multichannel pipette, the first channel of the pipette is aligned with the first suction head, tilted insertion, shaking slightly before and after tightening, suction head inserted slightly more than O-ring can be. Such as Advanced Half Autoclave 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes, Standard 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes, Advanced Fully Autoclave 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes.

Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Advanced Fully Autoclave 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Electronic Control Digital Pipette Epipette

The Operating Tips of Pipette

1. The pipette should not be dried in the oven.

2. The pipette should not remove the too hot or too cold solution.

3. The same pipette should be used as far as possible in the same experiment.

4. After the pipette is used, it should be washed with tap water and distilled water immediately and placed on the pipette rack.

5. Pipette and volumetric bottles are often used in conjunction with each other, so the relative volumes of both pipettes and volumetric bottles are often calibrated before they are used.

6. In order to reduce measurement errors when using the pipette, the solution of the required volume should be lowered from the top scale (0 scales) at each time, instead of absorbing as much volume as needed.

7. There are old and new pipettes. The old Pipettes are marked with the word “blow”. It is necessary to use ear washer to blow out the residual liquid in the orifice of the pipettes. The new style does not exist. Never blow out the residual orifice, otherwise, it will cause excessive liquid withdrawal.