Three Problems When Operating the Bottle-top Dispensers

We will indicate three problems you probably meet in the experiments when operating the bottle-top dispensers
1. Piston viscosity
The reason for the piston viscosity is that there are crystals or dirty things on the piston. In a face so of circumstances, you should stop separating liquid immediately, loosen the piston by making a circular rotation, and be careful that do not to pull it out. Clean the instrument thoroughly.
2. Unable to liquid-entering
There are two reasons for this result. One is that the volume of the cubage scale is set to the minimum. The other is that the intake valve is stuck. And when the above situation is happening, you should set the volume of the cubage scale to the right situation or clean the intake valve. If necessary, you can replace it.
3. Unable to separate the liquids
The safety cap of the drain pipe is not removed. The drain pipe is not connected rightly or is damaged. You just need to remove the safety cap from the drain pipe when meeting the first situation. Or you should put the safety cap on the drain pipe. Hold the appropriate place of the piston and install the drain pipe rightly. If it is not solved, you maybe replace the deformed and damaged drain pipes.
It is worth mentioning that the instructions will be useful when operating the bottle-top dispensers.