A Brief Introduction to Sample Vials

With the continuous development of the sample vials, more and more types and functions of the sample vials appear in laboratory analysis. The capacity of sample vials is bigger and bigger. The sampling speed of the sample vials is faster and faster. The sampling accuracy is higher and higher. The degree of intelligence is better and better. And the application is wider and wider.

The sample vials are an automatic sampling system designed for chromatographic analysis. According to the requirement of the number of samples in the laboratory, different sizes of sample plates can be selected. The number of sample plates in sample vials also determines how many samples can be placed at most.
No matter which material is used to make the sample vials, the sample vials should be sealed.

The sample vial is made of high-quality raw materials. The materials should have high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The pads of the sample vials are made of high-quality raw materials in order to ensure the proper functions, which can make sure that the pads can be widely used in the design of multiple injections or longer sampling periods, gas chromatography, and liquid chromatography.