The Storage and Repair of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser uses high grade chemically inert materials throughout the whole manufacturing process. The dispenser can be screwed directly onto reagent bottles with matched screw threads, and other bottle types can be connected with the provided adapter.

Replaceable filling and discharge valves supply quick and convenient servicing and maintenance. And discharge tube is slotted to guarantee proper orientation upon replacement and maintenance. What’s more, the self-sealing multi-layer piston has simplified whole maintenance and management.


The bottle-top dispenser could be suitable for any reagent vials in the laboratory, which is provided with all optional sizes. It is designed with a precise scale and volume setting.

Moreover, it is qualified with strong chemical resistance, which could be applied in experiments engaged with strong solutions and can be sterilized by high temperatures. Generally, it could cover a range of 0.5-50ml capacity. Its convenient design ensures simple and economical cleaning and maintenance for itself.

The unique design of the bottle-top dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is of built-in features, which comprises a safe system with a closure cap and discharge tube to avoid potential spilling or dispensing. The slotted discharge tube guarantees correct installation and safe operation in practical applications. The inner glass piston is enclosed in an inert polypropylene sleeve so as to avoid accidental damage and permit smooth operation.

What’s more, flexible dispensing options can suit different application workflows. Accessories changing process is easy and fast such as tube discharging and filling procedures. And fixed and flexible discharge tubes are available in diverse sizes to meet all kinds of meets.

0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser
China Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab

The control process of the bottle-top dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is equipped with safety and easily handles reagents, which is a valuable tool for liquid handling. It can be used with varieties of liquid reagents such as dangerous or toxic solvents while providing excellent sealing over a wide selection of temperatures and viscosities. The control process is easy and clear, and the little force is needed to move the piston up and down due to a liquid film between the piston and cylinder.

Transportation and storage

The dispensing tube helmet must be tightly closed when transporting the bottle-top dispenser. Take the valve block when holding the dispenser. Never hold the dispensing handle of the dispenser to avoid accidental liquid suction. The capacity adjustment system must be adjusted to 0-position.

To avoid damage, store and handle the bottle-top dispenser in its original packaging, with the storage temperature from -10℃ (+14°F) to 50℃ (+122°F).

How to repair the bottle-top dispenser

All Hawach bottle-top dispensers use the best materials, which are rugged and durable, and require minimal maintenance. If repairs are required, they are only carried out at the original factory or an authorized service repair center, except for replaceable parts, such as dispensing handle with piston, liquid adjustment system, drain tube, pipette, and bottle mouth connector.

When you need to repair and send it back to the factory, please be careful not to have residual liquid in the instrument. Always remember to use the bottle-top dispenser in accordance with the instructions for use.