The Operation Steps of Sample Vial

Detailed procedures are as follows:

(1) PC sends instructions and parameters (setting parameters such as sample installation quantity, bit number, sample quantity, and injection speed) to the controller (PLC). The controller generates corresponding signals to control the sample tray motor to rotate to complete the sample location.
(2) The displacement motor controls the pulley of the syringe to drop and the injection needle reaches the position of the sample to be extracted.
(3) Under the control of the extracting motor, the syringe pull rod is lifted to extract samples quantitatively.
(4) The tray motor and the displacement motor control the syringe pulley and the sample chassis to reset in turn to complete the injection positioning;
(5) The displacement motor controls the drop of the syringe pulley and inserts the needle of the syringe into the chromatographic injection port.
(6) The injection control motor controls the rapid drop of the pull rod of the syringe and injects the liquid sample into the chromatograph.
(7) The injection control motor, pallet motor, and displacement motor enter the injection needle preparation state under the control of the time sequence command of the controller (PLC).
(8) Needle washing process of the syringe.