How to Remove the Bubbles in the Bottle-Top Dispenser

When the experimenters use the bottle-top dispenser doing experiments, they assemble the pipette, the distribution pipe, and the reagent bottle first. And then before separating the liquid, they should remove the bubbles in the bottle-top dispenser in order to ensure the accuracy of the experiments.

Turn the dial on the top of the bottle-top dispenser to a quarter or a third of the measuring range, and move the safety valve on the side of the dispenser to the location where the arrow points to on the back, that is, to rotate in the direction of the back of the dispenser. And then suction and drain the liquid quickly by pulling the piston handle on the top of the bottle-top dispenser and pressing it quickly.

Repeat this several times until there is no obvious bubble observed during suctioning through the side window of the bottle-top dispenser. Next, rotate the safety valve to the arrow pointing to the front position, that is, to the direction of the dividing pipe. Repeat the above suction and drainage several times until all the bubbles in the dividing pipe are discharged.

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