The Highlight of Sample Vials From Hawach

Considering the comparative simplicity and maturity of the glass vial, customers rarely complain about its quality. However, the applicability of autosamplers is actually essential to big manufacturing companies. Severely in terms of International Standards, vials of Hawach are made with sufficient supervision.
Two points are extra expanded content of this product.

The Design of 9mm Sample Vials
The deviser stems from Euramerican instrument manufacturers which devote to general and grabbable products, notably the usage of samplers, which, therefore, are named autosamplers. They possess extremely high compatibility so that samplers with 11.6mm bottom diameter all can be replaced with 9mm ones.
However, this kind of vial has its own faults, too.
Because of the short screw thread, thin plate, and easy penetrability, the risk of sampling also increased—if rough needles go into the samples, the spacer would be stabbed into the bottom. Then the precut and bonded spacers are required with dropped repeated needling numbers to reduce risks.

Silanization of Autosamplers
The silanized process of vials has reduced the absorption from polar samples and compounds such as amino acid, protein, and phenolic compounds.