A Brief Overview of Bottle-top Dispenser

The bottle-top dispenser is an instrument specialized for precisely measuring liquid drugs.


According to the liquid property, the bottle-top dispenser can be divided into standard, organic, and hydrofluoric acid types. The organic type is suitable for organic compounds and highly concentrated acids, alkalis, and salts, such as HCL, HNO3, TFA, THF, etc.
Similarly, the hydrofluoric acid one is specially applied to hydrofluoric acids.

How to pick up satisfying products

For customers to choose their suitable products, there are three main factors as follows.
1. Accuracy and repeatability of the dispenser
For most users, it is difficult to detect the performance of the product before purchase. Therefore, they mainly depend on the technical statistics provided by the manufacturer and carefully read paper materials.
2. Durability
This one mainly relies on the material.
For instance, the shell should possess high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and low thermal conductivity (such as PVDF).
3. Able to transfer liquid continuously
In order to make the operation easier, an outlet pipe with a safety handle is optional, and it is accessible to transfer liquid through a very fine tube.