The Control Process Of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia In China

The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia is short for NCP. Since December 2019, China has successfully found many unexplained cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and now it has proved to be an acute respiratory infectious disease that is caused by the new coronavirus. The clinical manifestations of the pneumonia patients who are infected by the novel coronavirus mainly include fever, lack of strength and dry cough. On the other side, the features of upper respiratory symptoms, such as nasal obstruction and a running nose are infrequent.

In general, about 50 percent of the patients have difficulty breathing after one week. In severe cases, it can rapidly result in acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock, and metabolic acidosis and coagulation dysfunction that are difficult to treat.

The Control Process Of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia In China
On the whole, in order to fight against the coronavirus, China has made great efforts. Especially, medical strength becomes the most important security. On the one hand, the instant gathering of domestic medical staff and supplies is unique in the past decades all over the world. On the other hand, China quickly establishes preventing and controlling mechanisms all over the country to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Specifically, in villages, towns, cities, and metropolis such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the strict preventing and controlling mechanisms have all been set up in time.

Furthermore, in some worst-hit areas, China also announces “wartime restriction”. People in those areas voluntarily stay at home for extremely strict management.

In terms of masks, under the severe situation, with the development of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, important supplies such as masks and medical protective clothing have always been in shortage. As the world’s biggest producing and exporting country of masks and medical protective clothing, China’s annual output accounts for half of the global total output. Since the coronavirus outbreak, other than those mask producing factories which are working at full capacity, many companies that do not produce or manage medical supplies also change their business lines and start to produce masks, medical protective clothing, and ethyl alcohol.

A lot of big corporations have added businesses such as “mask, medical protective clothing, disinfectant, thermo detector, medical apparatus and instruments” into their scope of business. In fact, those corporations come from all sorts of industries: energy, automobile, electronics, consumption, environmental protection, and so on. They are all trying the best to produce masks and making contributions to the preventing and controlling of the virus for China.