Operation Instructions and Cleaning Steps of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Recommended as the best device to dispense a small amount of liquid from large glass and plastic bottles, bottle-top dispensers are providing repeatable dispensing with no more reagent wasting.

There are some key factors you should know if you want to purchase bottle-top dispensers, such as the different types of liquid that are dispensed in the lab, strong acids & bases, organic solvents, saline solutions, and trace metal free liquids. The volume you are going to dispense also needs to be considered. Depending on your budget, you should think about whether you need a mechanical or electronic digital bottle-top dispenser.

With five adapters of each unit which can fit most all of the bottles in the lab, made from PTFE and borosilicate glass for maximum chemical resistance, Hawach bottle-top dispensers are safe, convenient, and customized for all you need.

It can take a large number of dangerous or toxic solvents such as acids, saline solutions, and organic solvents, fitting perfectly for a wide range of your dispensing needs. Hawach always guarantees the best results for your applications.

Hawach Bottle-Top Dispenser

Operation instructions of bottle-top dispenser

1. Insert the inlet tube and tighten the screw nut.
2. Insert and tighten the drain tube.
3. Open the cap and place the removed cap under the drain tube.
4. Rotate the scale to adjust the liquid separation amount and get the value you need.
5. Exhaust process: Make sure that the drain tube cover is open, lift the piston in a suitable distance, and then press down. Repeat the above step one or two times and it’s ok to stop if there is no bubble at all.
6. When the exhaust is done, get to prepare the liquid separation.
7. Rotate the scale to adjust the liquid separation amount and get the value you need.
8. After use, first press the piston to the bottom, then adjust the knob to zero scale to lock the bottle dispenser.
9. Pipetting process: The piston is stably lifted to the highest position, and then pressed to the bottom with the same stability. By doing so, you complete a liquid separation process.

Seven steps to clean the bottle-top dispenser

To ensure that your bottle-top dispenser has a longer service life, some maintenance and cleaning work need to be done. Here is the cleaning steps of bottle-top dispenser.

1. Place the entire bottle-top dispenser and reagent bottle in a cleaning container of appropriate size, and then set the scale dial to the scale for maximum dispensing volume;
2. Rotate the dispenser from the reagent bottle (preferably wear gloves to operate);
3. Place the dispensed tube of the removed bottle-top dispenser on the mouth of the reagent bottle, and at the same time remove the cap of the dispensed tube and slide it back to a fixed position;
4. Move the piston handle up and down (make sure that the arrow of the safety valve points to the tube) and remove the remaining solution;
5. Put a suitable special cleaning solution in the cleaning container, immerse the tube in it, and repeat the aspiration and discharge multiple times;
6. After repeated liquid relief with an appropriate solution (such as distilled water or acetone), remove and drain the remaining solution from the bottle-top dispenser;
7. Remove the suction pipe, return pipe and liquid pipe from the bottle-top dispenser and clean them separately.