The Advantage of Hawach Glass Vials

General-usage of sample vials is for collection, storage, and transportation. Based on content and process requirements, Users may choose the right vials in options of different materials and capacities.

Hawach glass vials are available in amber or clear transparencies for effortless viewing and easy specimen retrieval. Different kinds of tops: Screw thread top, crimp top, and snap top secure your content and ensure its integrity.

Borosilicate glass is formed with constituents of silica and boron trioxide. It’s well known for having low coefficients of thermal expansion, making them more resistant to thermal shock than common glass.

To protect against change, we have glass vials available in low extractable borosilicate glass, which is suited for lab research when the stability of the glass is in the first place. And our autoclavable sample vials designed for maximum recovery will eliminate liquid sample waste.

Our selection of sample glass vials provides storage for all types of samples in various vial types, colors, sizes, cap liners, and caps to meet your personal application. And you will find that all of our glass vials are well-fitted for autosamplers.