Electronic Bottle-Top Dispensers

Hawach electronic bottle-top dispenser can dispense liquid directly from a reagent bottle or from any container via a versatile base.

The electronic bottle-top dispenser is the new generation of the intelligent electronic bottle-top dispenser, which can complete the liquid separation work you need with a simple press on the LCD screen.

Do you want to perform a series of 1 – 9999 large scale repeat separations on different reagents? Want to divide the volume of liquid into several volumes at once? Hawach electronic bottle-top dispensers can help you.

Features of electronic bottle-top dispensers

Built-in high-precision electronic motor, no lubrication, no maintenance consumables, reduce maintenance costs, can be integrated with the automated production line at the same time through the software or signal line. Improve work efficiency and reduce cost. Easy to clean, can be used for aseptic filling.

In addition, the electronic bottle-top dispenser has a step function in addition to conventional liquid dispensers. The standard step function can realize several times of liquid dispensers of the same or different volumes after a piston cleaning fluid, which is required for unconventional and flexible liquid discharge.