Several Dos and Don’ts about Using Bottle-top Dispensers

The bottle-top dispenser is an instrument for measuring solutions accurately. Several dos and don’ts we must know before we use it in experiments.
1. When installing the drain pipe and the liquid inlet pipe, we should let the mouth of the pipe insert into the valve straightly and tighten the nut in case of violent installation that causes damage.
2. Whenever using the bottle-top dispenser, we should ensure that all the valves including the inlet one and the drain one are installed correctly and tightened in order to avoid the spatters caused by piston motion.
3. Do not let the drain pipe be directly direct to the operators to ensure operation safety.
4. We should control the velocity of piston movements and make them slow and uniform. And at the same time, the liquid is flowing down the wall and received by the proper container.
5. Stop operating immediately as long as there exist any problems so as not to damage the instruments.
6.4-50℃ is the suitable temperature range for operating the bottle-top dispensers.
7. Do not let the organic reagents remain on the surface of the instruments. If it happened, we should clean it with water at once.