Safety Precautions of Using Bottle-Top Dispenser

The bottle-top dispenser is intended to be used as a general lab tool mostly in the petrochemical and biological industry. Certain safety precautions have to be observed to prevent personal injury and property damage.

Proper Operation

Before using a bottle-top dispenser, it must be ensured that the inlet valves and outlet tubes, and all the other valves are properly installed and tightened. During the operation, the outlet tubes should always be avoided facing the operator directly. If there is any error occurs, remember to stop immediately instead of the violent operation. In this way, further damage to the instrument can be avoided. After the operation, it is necessary to fasten the caps of the outlet tubes, which ensures no solutions dripped out from it if any are left in the tubes.


To guarantee its excellent performance, the bottle-top dispenser should be cleaned regularly and perform periodic inspections. If the solutions get stuck on the valves, the first thing that needs to be done is to soak them in cold water or clean it with the ultrasonic washing instrument. If repair is required, consult the dealer or manufacturer of the bottle-top dispenser.

Disposal precautions

To dispose of the bottle-top dispenser as industrial waste in conformance with the Factory Instructions or Specifications.